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1 the mansion of the lord of the manor [syn: manor house]
2 the landed estate of a lord (including the house on it)

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* manner


  1. A landed estate.
  2. The main house of such an estate or a similar residence; a mansion.
  3. A district over which a feudal lord could exercise certain rights and privileges in medieval western Europe.
  4. The lord's residence and seat of control in such a district.


landed estate
feudal district
seat of control of feudal district

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The term manor may refer to:


*Manor, Victoria, an area of Werribee, Victoria

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acres, castle, chateau, chattels real, demesne, domain, grounds, honor, land, landed property, lands, lot, lots, messuage, parcel, plat, plot, praedium, property, quadrat, real estate, real property, realty, tenements, toft, villa
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